CORO, Co-lab Roskilde
We are an innovation laboratory creating growth we are proud of. We identify opportunities, engage in new relationships and innovate to address societal challenges.

Members collaborate across sectors, enriching each other with new knowledge and new solutions that create value. Innovation is created in the intersection between academic institutions, private companies and public organisations. CORO connects decision-makers, manages development projects and provides access to events and test platforms.

We are CORO

CORO is constantly evolving and adding new members. CORO currently consist of 50 active members across different sectors and industries, all engaged in innovation that generates value and growth.” Meet the members, the Board and our administration below.


Using cutting-edge methods, we develop and share new knowledge for the benefit of many different partners.


We identify new opportunities and develop innovative solutions that can only be created in partnership.

The Bottom Line

Knowledge and solutions help improve the bottom line – economically, socially and environmentally.

Triple Helix

image/svg+xmlTriple Helix

CORO's innovation projects are based on the Triple Helix model, where industry, academia and government interact to create sustainable innovation. These clusters give us access to knowledge and create a network that ensures competitive advantage. The innovation projects are defined within four different focus areas that embrace the primary development agendas of the collaborative alliance.


Strategic partners

The Board

Esben Terstrup


Chr. Hansen

Jens Lautrup Nørgaard


Zealand - Sjællands Erhvervsakademi

Tomas Breddam


Roskilde Kommune

Glenny Hansen


Bo Jørgensen

Boligselskabet Sjælland

Peter Kjær

Roskilde Universitet

Lars Lindskov

Roskilde Kommune

Jacob Søegaard

Roskilde Kommune

Lasse Peter Otzen


Hanne Selsholt Britz


Jeppe Trolle

Roskilde Kommune

Johnny Vinkel

Himmelev Gymnasium

Signe Lopdrup


Fonden Roskilde Festival

Henning Sørensen


Roskilde Kommune

Jesper Østrup


Roskilde Tekniske Skole

Henrik Kolind


Roskilde Kommune

Karolina E. Osipowska /CORO




Karolina E. Osipowska


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+45 31623217

Martin Thuesen

Development manager

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+45 25670123

Anna Brouw Emilsdóttir

Innovation Architect

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+45 30115767

Pernille Sederberg

Senior Project manager

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+45 22434066

Christina Melgaard

Project manager

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+45 21654999

Simone Skaarup Rosengreen

Project manager

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+45 29652999

Simon Baagøe Andersen

Project manager

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Phillip Dyngbo

Project manager

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+45 51666010

Søs Malla Skeel Lamhauge

Student assistant

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Verified at the general meeting the 17th May 2018

View the regulation here (in Danish)


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