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CORO is a laboratory for innovation.
We develop new ideas for growth and welfare
in multidisciplinary colabs.

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We work together across disciplines, to create value for our society. We create synergies and draw on each others' competencies in new ways.

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We innovate through concrete projects and networks. Innovative ideas spring from a combination of great minds, nimble hands and strong opinions.

CORO experiment with new businessmodels

We invent new business models in cooperation with entrepreneurs, businesses, faculties and public sector organisations. Together we create more value for everyone.

CORO develop social potential

We create sustainable methods and businesses that make sense both socially and economically. We strive to bring everyone's best side forward.

Triple Helix

Triple Helix

Triple Helix systems provide a better view of innovation actors, relationships between them and knowledge flows within the system, in a vision of a dynamic, boundary-spanning diachronic transition between the Knowledge, Innovation and Consensus Spaces. Triple Helix systems accommodate both institutional and individual roles in innovation, and explain variations in the innovative performance in relation to the existence and development stage of the three spaces, the strength of relationships between them and their capacity to integrate various regional development strategies.

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Morten Schou Andersen/De Forenede Dampvaskerier

Joy Mogensen/Roskilde Kommune

Lars-Christian Brask/Roskilde Kommune

Glenny Hansen/ZBC

Bo Jørgensen/Boligselskabet Sjælland

Peter Kjær/Roskilde Universitet

Lars Lindskov/Roskilde Kommune

Jens Lautrup Nørgaard/Erhvervsakademi Sjælland

Signe Lopdrup/Fonden Roskilde Festival

Kurt Nielsen-Dharmaratne/Rambøll

Esben Terstrup/Chr.Hansen

Jeppe Trolle/Roskilde Kommune

Johnny Vinkel/Himmelev Gymnasium

Henrik Kolind/Roskilde Kommune

Karolina E. Osipowska /CORO


Karolina E. Osipowska

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Martin Thuesen
Project manager

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Camilla Hansen
Project assistant

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Anna Brouw Emilsdóttir

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